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filipa homem

I am very proud of my name Homem (man, in portuguese). I have used it since my grandfather told me the story of an Englishman who arrived many years ago by boat in Sesimbra, a fishing village near Lisbon, Portugal. Nobody could understand his name, so they just called him 'the man'. In Sesimbra it is normal to give people nicknames, which end up becoming names. This is the story of the surname of my mother's family, people with a lot of character and positive spirit (and a little bit of a bad temper).

I created hOmem to put ideas into practice, build objects and tell their stories. I like to be surrounded by beautiful things, and I can't always find them. Everything I have at home was invented by me, or by friends.

I am a fashion designer. I have worked abroad, in several countries, for many years. I have lost count of the number of houses I have lived in, but in all of them I created my world, with special pieces. Whenever I moved, I would take just one object from that house. They are also part of my world, now in Lisbon.


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